Chris O’Dowd, the actor featured on the cover of the American DVD cover to ‘The Sapphires’ spoke out when asked what he thought! 

I applaud you, Chris.

I was going to reblog a different post about how absolutely appalling everything about the US cover is, but this is better.  this is a movie about four (real!!) kickass black ladies and the US cover puts a white male secondary supporting character front and center s e r i o u s ly

bonus: is the kickass black ladies are real people who really existed and the white guy isn’t even real he’s literally an invented character 

"The negative implications of making a film about black women look like it’s about a white manshould outweigh any marketing concerns. This film is not only about women, it’s about Indigenous women. That fact deserves to be celebrated. Hiding those women and the colour of their skin under a veil of blue in a ridiculously photoshopped background – behind a man – is absurd. The actresses’ names are Deborah Mailman, Jessica Mauboy, Sharri Sebens and Miranda Tapsell. They are women. They are indigenous. And they are the stars of this movie. That should be a selling point, not something pushed into the background.”