Television 30 Day Challenge

Day 06 - Favorite episode of a favorite t.v show


Episode: Heartbreaker (Season 3, aired 3/30/90)

Episode Summary: When a patron (Rick Potter) at Danny’s drops dead at Marie’s (Heather Langenkamp) feet during her solo performance, she blames herself for killing him. Then she learns that he left her all his worldly possessions, although she didn’t know him. Marie becomes confused and wonders if her purpose in life is “to please men.” 

After burning the bulk of her wardrobe in a hobo’s barrel in the backyard and committing to a life of chastity, Elizabeth (Deborah Harmon) convinces Marie to let herself off of the hook and loosen up a little.

The contents of Rick Potter’s inheritance box are: ship in a bottle, baseball cards, a toupee (that JR offers $6.00 for), and an appointment book that was only filled out for Fridays, “beer, pizza, Marie”

Memorable Dialogue:

Marie (to Elizabeth): I just don’t know what God wants me to do.

Elizabeth: Just listen carefully, Marie.  God doesn’t always shout, sometimes he whispers.

(At this point Marie decides to unbutton several of her sweater buttons; after the third button is undone, a loud clap of thunder is heard and Marie determines that God is telling her two buttons is enough — which I always took to mean that God doesn’t mind some mild, suggestive, promiscuity, however, I’m not sure if that is exactly what the writers were intending….or God, for that matter)

I was thrilled to learn that I wasn’t alone in loving this episode. Special thanks to the Just the Ten of Us blog for episode screencaps and info.  Check it out 

My favourite part of this post? The moment I went “HOLY SHIT THERE’S A TEN OF US TUMBLOG!”