Aftershock *SHORT FILM*

 Written & Directed by Lori Bowen

"I view horror as a mirror for our society to look into, so we can face the ugly things about us, recognize them, and (hopefully) change for the better. It’s also a way of dealing with our fears and desires in a safe environment without anyone getting hurt.
        “I write horror as a release, to explore and examine things that I’ve felt or thought about, to inspire others and make them think.
        “And hey, maybe some little girl somewhere will see one of my characters and it’ll help her to stand up for herself or to know that she’s not alone. Perhaps someone watching my films or reading my stories will be inspired to tell their own tales.”
  — Lori Bowen in her OpEd piece for Slasher Studios about the impact of the film A Nightmare on Elm Street on her life.

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