Xbox One- His and Hers

I’m not really psyched for the Xbox One, but this is one of the best commercials I’ve seen in a while.

I enjoy reading the youtube comments. So many guys being pissing into the air about the female being the dominant one. 

From what I got out of this, the XBOX One is showing that, with ownership of the xbox, you get power to command and control - it recognizes voice commands and faces.  The boyfriend obeying her was a part of that theme - because she owns the xbox, she has control. 

I hope THIS CONSOLE FAILS!!! What a bunch of feminazi BS to appeal to women, Xbox doesn’t care about true gamers anymore, they want to appeal to the family/ casual gamers… They’re pulling a Wii, and they probably will crash and burn with this console… They’re trying to get lots of people to buy this and for the hardcore community to get them sales for their games… YOU CAN’T APPEAL TO EVERYONE!!!”


This ad is ridiculous. 
It falls into the same old trap of thinking that in order to make a girl a “gamer” you have to make her hyper-masculine.

Excuse you, do you see the highlights in her hair? Her dress? Those silver shoes? Her beautiful-ass face? That is NOT the image of a hyper-masculine woman. We’d be seeing a lot more plaid and sweatpants if they were trying to make her masculine. She drinks beer, yes. She expects to be obeyed, yes. Those are not purely masculine traits. 


And the comments continue to become more violent and disgusting toward the woman, and insulting toward Microsoft. 

What do you think?

I think that the sheer vitriol is almost enough to make me want to buy an Xbox, just to terrify and frighten the fedora-wearing douchebro crowd.

Fortunately, the Xbox is pricy and I don’t want the Kinect watching me sleep, so it won’t happen, but still. 

Delicious, delicious mantears. 


Dear Gamers: If you want people to take you seriously and stop treating you like you’re all immature children, stop behaving that way.

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