What unites creepshots, the Middleton photographs, the revenge porn websites, is that they all feature the same fetishisation of non-consensual sexual activity with women who either you don’t have any access to, or have been denied future access to. And it’s really this product of rage and entitlement.

Mary Anne Franks, associate professor of law at the University of Miami, Guardian article about creepshots. (via ladonnapietra)

This is a very good article about why Reddit’s anti-woman subreddits, leaked photos of Kate Middleton and other invasions of privacy matter. It’s not just gross, but rather indicative of a huge, visible burst of people honestly thinking that it is their right to invade and de-humanize women, women’s bodies and women’s lives. The posters on subreddits like (the late) creepshots honestly believe that free speech means they can do what they want and shouldn’t have to deal with any repercussion… I think this is an early battle in what will be a huge fight both on what internet anonymity means as well as being a pretty clear example of what ingrained, institutionalized sexism looks like in 2012.

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