The Viscera Organization is looking for a Marketing Assistant and for Tour Coordinators. These available positions are for people who speak English fluently, have a working, up-to-date computer, understand Facebook and Twitter, and are fans of film or are seeking eventual jobs in the film industry in marketing, PR, fundraising, and festival programming. A deep interest in genre films and helping minorities achieve success is a huge plus. Requirements include great grammar and spelling and basic grasp of Microsoft Word and Google Docs. College degree not required. Both men and women are encouraged to apply.

For more information on the positions, what’s entailed, and how to apply, please head over to the Viscera Film Festival website and download our Staff Call PDF! You can find it on our main page and on our contact page!

It so happens that I’m on the Board of Directors for the Viscera Organization and I can tell you that we’re a top notch bunch of folks! Join us and help raise awareness for women in genre filmmaking!