(Post has been edited to attach a corrected video.)

We are pleased to present the Viscera Film Festival 2012 tour trailer! The trailer features clips from:

Switch by Melanie Light
How to Rid Your Lover of a Negative Emotion Caused By You by Nadia Litz
Candy by Sage Hall
The Room at the Top of the Stairs by Briony Kidd
Bloodtraffick by Jennifer Thym
Adventure Girls III by Dara Jade Moats
Barbie Butcher by Sophie Lagues
Hawkins Hill by Sara Seligman
Blood Bunny by Molly Madfis
Bon Appetit by Kate Shenton
The Party’s Over by Gigi Romero
Box by Nikki Wall
The Morning After by Jen Moss
The Night Caller by Donna Thorland and Peter Podgursky
Nursery Crimes by Laura Whyte
Doll Parts by Karen Lam
Fantasy by Izabel Grondin
12/15/1996 by Mae Catt

The song is called “Wasted” by Abnorml Injustice.
The trailer was edited by Wheat. 

Special thanks to Sage Hall.