Busted? Celebrities who want gun control also shoot fake guns.

Right, and actors who have played drug dealers shouldn’t speak out against drug use, and actors who have played rapists shouldn’t speak out against rape culture, and actors who have played murderers shouldn’t speak out against violence, because evidently we’ve all at some point lost the ability to differentiate between real life and movies.

I write horror films. I make horror films. I don’t want real life horror. It’s a way to examine my fears and anxieties and issues in a safe and ultimately positive way. The stories I tell may even go on to help someone else the way the films that have informed me as a creative, responsible, peace-loving, horror-film-making woman did. I love my genre. Films do not make people go out and do horrible things - people do horrible things and then look for a scapegoat so they don’t have to face the reality of and take responsibility for what they’ve done.

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