Tickets now available for Viscera's July 7 festival and red carpet!

I LOVE the Viscera organization. It’s absolutely one of the best festivals I’ve ever been a part of and the people who run it are some of my favourite people evar.

(note: I run the Curio Media tumblr and should add that it’s not my company, it’s owned by Karen Lam and AdaPia D’Errico. Curio is one of Viscera’s sponsors.)


I hope y’all have been paying attention to the Viscera Facebook event page or website, but if you haven’t: Tickets are now available for the Viscera Film Festival’s fabulous July 7th 2012 kick-off event and red carpet! 

Admission is $11 and you get to see ALL of the films, food, free drinks (including alcohol), and you get to check out the red carpet and awards ceremonies as well as the after party at the Hotel Roosevelt!