Thank you Bo Ransdell for covering the 2013 Viscera Film Festival award winners on The Last Blog on the Left

Congratulations to Jen Moss who won Best Director for her film “My Brother’s Keeper”, Karen Lam who won “Best Film” for her film “The Meeting”, and Nicholas Humphries (director), Mai Nakanishi and Christine Joy (producers) for winning Best Cinematography for their film “No Place Like Home”! During the night, director Jennifer Lynch received the Inspiration award from her tireless efforts as a legendary female filmmaker who consistently pushes the envelope in her work and Maddison Lopez who received the Fresh Blood award for filmmakers under the age of 18.

Congratulations ladies and gentleman! ;D

Even though I think I have it in my Tumblr profile (need to check that) I feel like I should note that I’m the Director of Operations for the Viscera Organization. I’ve made a ton of crazy decisions, some of which have been only since October of last year, but joining up with Shannon Lark and Heidi Honeycutt is by far one of the best.