Revisiting Kimyoo Films poster art: A Hammer Fell in Jerusalem: Anathema

I didn’t have poster art for my first two films. I contacted someone to work on art for my first film, but that fell through. Since I normally can’t afford to pay people properly, I designed this poster art for my third short film (it was a very experimental effort for me and is dear to my heart), A Hammer Fell in Jerusalem: Anathema (be forewarned, it’s half an hour long and is a silent film.) I can’t draw and I’m not a fan of Photoshop posters where it’s just heads looking pensive blah, blah, blah… While it’s pretty obvious I’m not that kind of artist, I think it turned out pretty awesome.

I’m super glad that Bonni Reid’s doing my art for Stella Buio, though, you have no idea. There’s no way I could put out something that I would be happy with for this film.