Please consider donating to the IndieGoGo for my new short film Stella Buio!

Hey guys! I’ve made an Indie Go Go campaign for my next short, Stella Buio, and even though I’m superstitious about this sort of thing, I feel I can (and should) formally announce that I have the majority of my cast lined up: Chris Cline will be playing Philip the returned husband, Shawn McBee will be playing Victor who is one of Philip’s relatives, Melanie Robel will be playing our lead protagonist Julie (also a relative of Philip’s), and the legendary Linnea Quigley (or as I like to call her Linnea F’in’ Quigley) will be playing the title character, Stella Buio!

On the crew side (I’ma have CREW!) I’ve got the fantastic Wheat Buckley handling the lights, the amazing Bonni Reid will be doing my poster art, and my brother Shawn Bowen will be handling the Fabio Frizzi-inspired score.