O hai guyz!

My film Stella Buio will be playing this weekend at the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival in San Diego!! This is exciting on so many levels I can’t even express them…but I’m gonna try anyway!

Firstly, Horrible Imaginings is run by the swoon-worthy Miguel Rodriguez, one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

Secondly, my film will be playing with so many awesome films by some awesome filmmakers and I’m sad that I can’t be there.

Thirdly, the Viscera Organization is a co-sponsor of the event alongside the film Shadow Hunters which will be produced by one of my sisters-from-another-mister and fellow Viscera board member, Stacy Pippi Hammon, and a bunch of my Viscera family are going to be there!

If you’re in San Diego, you should stop by and make me jealous that I’m not there. ;D Tickets are on sale now!