My film JustUs, which stars Sage Hall and Travis Garner and features the voices of Kristin Mellian, Aaron Pushkar, and Brinke Stevens as the voice of DJ Sheryl Black, will be playing NewFilmmakers in New York’s Winter 2013 series on February 6 at 6pm.

Now, if you’ll excuse me…I think I need to have a GIF dance party… Please forgive me, I don’t remember who all made these. Just know that I didn’t. Mr. Takei’s came from his Tumblr and Agador came from Columbia came from FUCKYEAHRHPSGIFS.

I didn't make it.

I'm a terrible Tumblr-erd. I don't know where I got this one either.

from George Takai's tumblr

Crap...I forgot where I got this...but I think it was GoldDustWoman's tumblr.

I didn't make it and I apologize to whoever did for not knowing who it is that made it.