Huge thanks and it's Day One!

I just realized that I neglected to thank Karen Lam, Dustin Hubbard, and Austin McKinley for their amazing support during the final hours of the fundraising campaign for Stella Buio! THANK YOU!

With all of the incredibly generous contributions from IndieGoGo as well as offline donations, we managed to make a little over one third of the estimated budget for the film! While, like anyone who uses the site, I’d hoped to make the full amount, I’m so happy and so thankful that we were as successful as we ended up being.

Today is Day One of the three day shoot. Well, two and a half to be precise. I’m a fairly zen person anyway when it comes to my shoots. Things happen and you just have to figure out how to deal with them, y’know? I’m as prepared as I can be and I feel so much more relaxed thanks to having a cast read through last night. I’ve never had time to have one before. It’s like a whole new world!

I’ll try to send out behind the scenes photos throughout the next few days, but I don’t guarantee they’ll be at reasonable hours. I want to document the hell out of this shoot because, WE’RE GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN!