Youth is Brutal - Coming of Age Films


Friday, June 20 - 7:30PM Aero Theatre

Introduction by Anthony Breznican, who will sign his book Brutal Youth in the lobby at 6:30PM.  Books sold by LARRY EDMUNDS bookshop. Link HERE.

Discussion between films with actress Melanie Lynskey.

HEAVENLY CREATURES - 20th Anniversary! - Directed by Peter Jackson

“It was our intention to make a film about a friendship that went terribly wrong,” said director Peter Jackson of this acclaimed look at the run-up to a notorious 1954 killing in Christchurch, New Zealand. In strong screen debuts, Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey play obsessive teens who bond over an imagined world and eventually murder the mother they fear will separate them. The remarkable re-creation of the girls’ inner lives is aided by Jackson’s wonderfully visualized fantasy sequences and voice-overs drawn from actual diary entries.

STAND BY ME - Directed by Rob Reiner

One of the most classic and quotable coming-of-age films ever made, Rob Reiner’s adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Body” is at once hilarious and heartbreaking, and a spot-on time capsule of small-town America in the 1950s. Will Wheaton, River Phoenix, Corey Feldman and Jerry O’Connell star as four friends on the precipice of junior high school, enjoying a summer of small-fry hijinx. When they go looking for the body of a boy presumed dead from a train accident, they must come to terms with the difficult changes the future holds.