This is still a script, right, Wes? - New Nightmare (1994)

Yeah, because otherwise, we’re screwed.

It doesn’t pay to be in this kind of horror film if it’s actually real.

This some scurry shit. 

New Nightmare…god, I love this flick. Around the time this film was announced, I was writing my own Elm Street 7 in which I brought back Nancy Thompson by having the main character dream about her then bring her out of the dream. When I read in Fango that production had started, I stopped writing my film because it wasn’t necessary any longer. When the film came out, I gathered up a bunch of my friends (most of us were not old enough to see this without “adult supervision” so I had to get my mom to watch it with us, lolz,) to see it in the theatre and it was magical.

The only things I don’t like about this film are the dryness of the Freddy make-up (it looks like a pull over mask, just put some flippin’ KY on it for pete’s sakes) and the stupid fifth claw. I HATE the fifth claw. The make-up design and the costume design is otherwise gorgeous.

Source: http://scurrymovies.tumblr.com