~~This is only for trans people or nonbinary people. If you’re cis, pleeeeaseee don’t enter. This isn’t for cosplay.~~

Okay so!! I just had my breast reduction finally scheduled, just in time for my new binder to arrive. (What cruddy timing.) So, it looks like It won’t be of any use to me.  (It’s a bit too small, anyways.)

The Binder I ordered is this one (see above), White in XXL. This is primarily for my bigger folks, who have a harder time finding a larger binder.

Here are the measurements for it! Again, XXL is the size, here.

I’d suggest having about a D-cup or C-cup, maybe below, but not too much or else it probably won’t be effective. The white fabric isn’t transparent at all, and probably won’t be because there’s two layers. The cloth isn’t stretchy, and there’s clips to the side to tighten it around your chest appropriately if it’s a little too big.

1. Don’t reblog this for yourself if you’re cis oh my god if I find out you’re cis and trying to win this I’ll skip right over you
2. If you are cis, you can signal boost this, but pleeeeaseee put in tags “signal boost” so I know. The same goes for people who want to boost it to other trans or nonbinary followers, if you yourself don’t need a binder. Signal boosting is great.
3. You’ve got to be comfortable with giving me your address!! I’ll do my best to pay all of the shipping charges to get it to you, too.
4. Again, please check the measurements. I don’t want you to end up getting a binder that you can’t use because it’s the wrong size. :(
5. I’ll message the winner (chosen with a random number generator) privately on April 2nd, when my other giveaway ends.
6. Also you don’t have to be following me!!! this is open to all

(The binder is unused, by the way. Also it’s wrapped in plastic to maintain it. It’s in a smoking environment with cats, but it’ll be washed one more time very, very thoroughly just for good measures and sealed in airtight plastic once more so hopefully it’s not an issue.)

Now, good luck, and take care of yourselves.

Edit: I forgot to say!! Likes and reblogs count
AND!! (beware gendered language is on the listing) I finally found the listing!! So if you’re able to purchase it for yourself if you don’t win it, you can do that. I just know most folks have issues with being able to buy it themselves.