Comic Con Badge Resale - Last Chance


Got this email from Comic-Con International, so if you want a badge for this year’s SDCC, this is the time to get it!

The Comic-Con Member ID website will be closing May 24th (5:30 Pacific Time: PT) in advance of our cancelled and returned badge resale. The badge resale will not take place over the Memorial Day weekend or on Memorial Day. If you know someone who would like to participate in the badge resale, but has not yet signed up for a Member ID, please instruct them to sign-up as soon as possible. The only way to participate in the badge sale is to have a Member ID.

We have struggled with how to offer our returned badges for sale this year. Because of time constraints our choices were to not have a resale this year or use the online system we have in place. We know there are a lot of you counting on the resale to attend Comic-Con so we have decided to have a resale and to use the system we currently have in place. Since we received so few returned Comic-Con 4-day badges, we decided to split them into single day badges to accommodate more people who want to attend this year.

We will have 5,000 single day badges available for purchase.”