Production used clapperboard from Alien.

June 1978 revised final script written by Walter Hill and David Giler, based on original script by Dan O’Bannon [pdf]. (NOTE: For educational purposes only)


come across a shot of a script page from the original Alien.

A thing of beauty - just like lifting the curtain and looking right into the process of making movie history. Alien was originally written by Dan O’Bannon - who co-wrote and co-starred in John Carpenter’s Dark Star. He then went on to collaborate with Ronald Shusett on the story that would become Alien.


An interesting comment from Diane O’Bannon, wife of the late Dan O’Bannon:

I can assure you that the hndwritten notes on this page are not done by Dan O’Bannon. Also, the cover with credits to Giler and Hill is not the correct one. Dan and Ron were given first position, as it was found that Giler and Hill had taken Dan and Ron’s screenplay and re-written it  in the vaunted “haiku form”to get both creative and monetary credit for the idea. It didn’t work I’m happy to say.