Select quotes for I AM MONSTER:

"Busting taboos and bringing a dark comedic tone to a daring subject matter, I Am Monster holds back on nothing, and Lark gives a daring performance in what I thought was the complete opposite of Feminist genre." Jason Eternal, CINEZILLA


"The short is a juggernaut of uncomfortable sexual imagery, and, considering its brief run time, packs a wallop of challenging scenes. -- Their teamwork, a marriage of provocative storytelling and technique, is an electrifying subversion of existentialist drama with a dash of sneering humor." Chris Hallock, DIABOLIQUE.


I am Monster was honoured with a place on Mike Snoonian's Top Ten Best Short Films of 2013 at All Things Horror, even though the film was still being polished at the time! Thank you, Mike!



"...a fifteen minute short film full of all the dynamics that make this one of the best horror shorts I’ve ever seen.” 

"Bowen’s talents as a director and writer truly take center stage with this project, but it’s her skills as an editor that really bring this film full circle." Justin Hamelin, CUP OF STARS

"Linnea Quigley is absolutely entracing as the blond, besequined medium Stella Buio.” 

"Bowen captures a panoramic, sweeping cemetary scene  shrouded in pale grey-blue light that sharply contrast the reds and oranges so carefully arranged in the other scenes, as well as the ominous green lights that follow the, ahem, corpse, with effortless artistic joy."- Heidi Honeycutt, PLANET ETHERIA


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Video interviews with Lori Bowen:

Lori was interviewed in 2010 on the Sarasota local access show At the Movies hosted by Gus Mollasis to promote her film festival Hallowscreen, which was being put on during the Sarasota Chalk Festival that year to help raise money for the Avenida de Colores, a 501(c)3 arts education programme via donations collected at the screenings.