ANATHEMA won fourth place in the Sci-Fi category at the Indie Gathering.

AND BE AT REST received Best Continuing Vampire Saga at Bleedfest. (It's not a vampire film or novel, just to be clear.)

A HAMMER FELL IN JERUSALEM is the title of a full length novel that Lori Bowen is writing. Above is the trailer for ANATHEMA, which is a black and white, silent experimental short based on one of the chapters from the novel.

Below is the full short AND BE AT REST, which is also based on a chapter from the novel.



Chris Cline as the Priest     Thomas Noel Smith as Abner     Eon Song as Laurel     Brian James Dennis as Armers   Richard Sharpe as Batraal     Michael P. Miller as Milton     David Walker as Tango


Chris Cline as the Priest     Lori Bowen as the spectral voice


Both films were written, directed, shot, and edited by Lori Bowen. Sound design on AND BE AT REST was by Lori Bowen. Music on ANATHEMA was by Sirenic Entropy. VFX by Lori Bowen. Both films were produced by Lori Bowen.